We haven't been playing lot of games lately, but when we travel to different states for games, we have been able to put up a good contest. Our latest match against Les Eperviers of North Carolina, resulted in a landslide 5-1 win thanks to sterlings performance from Komlan, Yves, and Steed.

Due to the 4 hours travel time to go to Raleigh, North Carolina, we left first thing in the morning. Not all our players could make the trip, but Coach Claudius, Henry, Zidane, Cheche, Yves, Komi, Marcel, Tawal, Kevin, Richard, Elovi, and Steed were able to be at the departing point. Komlan, Christian, and Spero made the trip the night before and were supposed to meet us there. The drive was smooth, with no problem, and we arrived around 2 PM. After a quick break, the game started at around 4:30pm. We started strong with Christian as a keeper, Spero, Steed, Henry, and Cheche forming the first line of defense. Komi, Tawal, and Zidane in the middle, and Kevin, Komlan and Yves as the attacking front 3. We were compact and kept the ball on the floor. Adding our high pressure, NC were having a hard time getting in the game. I came without surprise that we opened the score after Yves won the ball and passed it Komlan to slam it into the net.

Komlan should've made 2-0 when NC didn't know that the offside rule doesn't apply on throw in, and they left Yves to pass the ball to Komlan. With nobody but the keeper in front of him, Komlan surprisingly decided to pass the ball back to Yves in an offside position (unbelievable decision). Luckily for us, Yves made it 2-0 afterwards, after NC keeper couldn't stop a shot from Zidane ( I think ) and Yves like box predator came and put it away. After their initial shock, NC started to get in the game, and manage to score a goal with a swift counter-attack. However any hope of a comeback quickly vanished when Komlan, catching a pass from Komi, made amend for his earlier mistake and made it 3-1 before the half.

NC reloaded during half time and brought at least 4 new players, younger players to try to come back in the game. Still, Aiglons held firm, coach Claudius started to make subs to keep us fresh. Elovi came in for Kevin, started to terrorize the NC right back, and put in a couple good crosses that Marcel ( in for Komlan ) could've put away if not for some debatable tackling. Zidane scored a good goal which was incorrectly called offside by the ref. He later on had a great shot on goal saved by the keeper, but Yves came through again for the rebound and made it 4-1. Komlan came back in the game for Tawal, and completed his hat trick with an unstoppable shot from a counter attack. Thus the game ended 5-1.

Our whole team performed great. However some players deserved even more recognition:

- Steed was a rock in the defense. His timing was perfect and was cool and composed when he gets the ball.
- Yves reaction when we took shot was so good, Inzaghi would've been proud.
- Komlan had the best game I've ever seen him play. He made his presence felt on the opposing defense, and he had a hat trick ( should've been 4 ). He deservingly should be our MVP of the game.

After the game, our host had a gathering for us, where we mingled for about an hour before heading back to Maryland. The trip was a resounding success, and Aiglons Fc should plan on doing more.