Aiglons FC first outing in a couple years resulted in a hard fought 3-3 tied game against Togo North Carolina. Kafui was the star of the day with a double, and a couple great runs. Masi scored our third goal on a great penalty kick.

We left Maryland early on Saturday, and had an uneventful drive down to Raleigh, NC. Once there, we had to a chance to relax a little bit, and wait for the heat to go down a bit. We finally started the game around 4:30. We took the game to them and had lots of chances that we should've put away. However, going against the flow of the game, NC create a chance out of nowhere, that finely put away by their striker. Kafui turning down the clock and reverted back to the Kafui that first joined Aiglons (Ask Christian, or Komlan about how he impressed on his first practice). Yves put him through with a great ball, and Kafui outran, and outfought their defense to finish the chance like a true R9.
We were still controlling the game, and NC couldn't do anything by long balls from the back. However, such tactic proved to be good for them, when our defense carelessly let their striker win the ball from our two centerbacks, and Francois had to foul him for a PK they promptly converted. The game went to halftime when us down 2-1 even though we were clearly the better team.

NC injected some youth into their lineup with 3 young players ( one is supposedly playing for a Chelsea sponsored academy, and another has just finished playing D1 College ). Needless to say, the game evened out. Still, Zidane in a moment of genius, put Kafui (Yes, him again) through after beating his markers, and Kafui once again, finished finely like a pro (a la Messi). NC went up again after we failed to secure the rebound when Cheche stopped a play. We refused to lose the game, and once again, doubled our offensive pressure, and the one white man, playing for NC, had to foul Edem (the new young one) for a pk. Masi, took upon himself to take it, and made sure to tuck the ball under his armpit, so nobody else could claim it (it was a scene that'd make young kids playing on dirt fields back home proud). He fired the pk, with a great shot (the keeper had no chance), and the game ended 3-3.